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Vedale Hill

Vedale Hill was born and raised on Milwaukee’s east side in the Riverwest Neighborhood. Growing up impoverished and constantly moving, he finally found stability through art. After graduating from the Milwaukee High School of the Arts, he earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Since 2007, Vedale has provided well-received art instruction at many schools and community centers and organizations in Milwaukee, including C.O.A Youth and Family Centers, The Milwaukee Public Schools, Artist Working in Education, and Arts At Large. His natural ability to connect and communicate with urban youth has helped him become a sought-after educator and has driven him to found Jazale’s Art Studio, where he can continue to share his abilities on a larger scale.

Artist Statement

In the art I create I explore and expose the hood and hip-hop culture though the leans of my experience. I do art only about what I know to be true in this culture. With my work I hope that it will inspire someone who may relate to the content. The work represents some of the positives and negative elements of my culture. The work is all done in the hopes that the viewers may have a better understanding and appreciation of it with the many hardships that have to be navigated dailyin the hood and also amazing things that came from the hood, from entrepreneurship and innovation to entertainment.

Vedale Hill